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SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader is a multimedia application by Snow Bike. The application provides very convenient management of music from mobile devices, as well as download songs faster. It can manage thousands of MP3 files in a single platform. The very noticeable feature in this application is that it only has a very plain interface with a black background. On the other hand, it offers a simplified method of downloading songs. It only needs entering the artist name, album title or song name in the search bar. A wide array of songs are provided for users and users just press their name to acquire them. Any songs are streamable and they can be found through their album cover art.


  • Acquire MP3 songs easily
  • Song streaming
  • Album cover art


  • Very minimal functionality
  • No other colors, themes or layout
  • No audio tweaking options like equalizer and progress bar

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User reviews about SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader

  • Meagan Jones

    by Meagan Jones

    I am disappointed to say that it no longer works for me. I updated it, doesnt work. I went back to previous versions that have worked for me, still didn't work. I've been using this app for a long time and love it, please fix it so I can go back to l More


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